Yard-O-Led 1934

Before the hugger-mugger of meaning-centred design placed emphasis on the marketing of a brand's ideology over its products, technological innovation simply aimed to meet a need. Ludwig Brenner, a German located in London, registered a patent for a propelling pencil mechanism in 1934 that was capable of holding a yard of lead (in three inch sections) for continual scribbling without incessant sharpening. The Yard-O-Led company was formed to manufacture Ludwig's designs, which brought form, function and beauty to an everyday object.

Yard-O-Led continues to this day. In 1952, Frank Tufnell became the majority shareholder. His son Tim sold the business to Filofax in 1988. Tim continued his association with the company when it was acquired by Imperial Yard in 2015 and manufacturing moved to Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter.
Hexagonal shape
Yard-O-Led products are handcrafted in English hallmarked sterling silver in classic styles using traditional techniques. This is the Diplomat Barley automatic pencil in polished silver with a barley finish. The pencil has the recognisable hexagonal Yard-O-Led shape that hasn't changed since 1934. The shape stops the pencil rolling off your desk or drafting table.

Yard-O-Led makes fountain and ballpoint pens to match their propelling pencil designs.

Great skill and eyesight
If you are looking for something bigger and more ornate, the Viceroy Grand fountain pen (below) might be something to hang in the inside pocket of your overcoat. Yard-O-Led does a pocket-sized version which might be more suitable for your lighter jackets. The pattern is tapped into the silver by hand with great skill (and eyesight).

All Yard-O-Led pens have a lifetime guarantee and come with a presentation box.

If you are looking to purchase a Yard-O-Led pencil or pen, they are available from reputable stationers, branches of The Pen Shop and the Yard-O-Led online shop.

With such delightful writing instruments, you may have to apologise for making your letters longer than usual, and pretend you lacked the time to make them shorter. You don't have to apologise to me though. I could read your rambling compositions all day.


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