Bates Bowlers in Full Colour

Confirmed friends Bates Hats inform Tweed Towers of their new stock of the famous Bates Bowler. The new collection has some rather interesting colours.

The blue, grey and buff are authoritatively wearable, but you will find the lilac equally so when worn with an overcoat in any of the colours represented by the other three other bowler hats in the picture above. If you see what I mean?
Laddies in Lavender
I can see that you are drawn to the lilac option too. Looks terrific as a bowler hat, no? Excellent vision from Bates. And lilac and lavender, as we have noted, are colours of punk rock provocation, of sartorial defiance and individuality — see Laddies in Lavender.

Cautious and bureaucratic is good
We know and love the classic black bowler — cautious and bureaucratic, it displays admirable traits. But it's worth stepping out of the comfort zone occasionally. Ask John Steed. He wore black bowlers, but he also liked to wear bowlers matched with his suits. No one can say he looked less than debonair when thwacking goons over the head with his trusty whangee-handled umbrella.

The Bates Bowler

A Bates Bowler is made from rabbit fur felt with a black ribbon. The interior has a black satin lining and leather sweat band.

Don't toy around. I think you should go for it. Faint heart never won fair bowler. And we don't know when Bates will stock lilac bowlers again. What if they don't? That rationale always works with me when I'm undecided.
Measure your own bonce
You just need to know the correct size. If you're wondering how to measure your head, Bates will gladly help in their Paris or London shops. If you're reluctant to make the jaunt to the old metropoles, in the video below Bates show you how to measure your own bonce.


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