Peter Christian's Atlantic Crossing

Good news for our loyal mob in the USA. Peter Christian comes bearing tweed. The Peter Christian website is now geared up to supply traditional British gear to the States. Go see.

Choice Donegal tweed
Before our grateful US chums drain these isles of our favourite fabrics, I managed to divert some A-1 Donegal tweed from Peter Christian in the direction of Tweed Towers.

Here you see the Peter Christian Ocean Donegal Tweed Jacket with matching waistcoat. The jacket is fully-lined and double-vented. Trousers are available to make a three-piece suit. Peter Christian also have other three-way options in Donegal and Harris tweed.
Who can from joy refrain?
This tweed is a very nice and unusual green-blue herringbone weave from John Handy and Co. Look closely at those wonderful flecks. As always with clothes made from this type of heavy-duty fabric, the best days are ahead. These items need to mould around Tweedy's form, but the process of wearing-in has begun. First outing was to The White Hart in Somerton for a roast beef lunch washed down with a pulled pint of ale in front of a log fire. So that's tweed plus roast beef plus ale plus log fire in the ancient capital of Wessex. Who can from joy refrain?

Pair of scallawags
I can see this pair of scallawags making for fine drinking companions.

Folds fashioned into the shoulders afford excellent freedom of movement.

The jacket was screaming out for a waistcoat. Peter Christian were able to supply a four-pocketer. The lining of the jacket is matched with the back of the waistcoat.

Finished painting, dead painting
Matching trousers might have completed the picture, but they say a finished painting is a dead painting.

The cream corduroys are fine, but I'll be trying other colours. Peter Christian has some interesting hues in their moleskin and corduroy collections. I shall investigate further.

America — go fill your wardrobes.


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