Johnstons of Elgin - Natural Heritage

'Red and green should never be seen except on a fool' So goes the old adage. It never made sense because red and green looks good together, given the right shades. 'Blue and green shouldn't be seen expect with something in between.' That part makes more sense, I think. I now read that the first part of the saying is a nautical reference, port being red and starboard being green. Can anyone confirm? I'm not desperate to find out, but I'm curious.

Heritage Colection

I mention because our Scottish chums at Johnston's of Elgin have mixed red and green to great effect in their Heritage collection. That's the Cashmere Evergreen Preppy Cardigan above, which has red piping along the fastenings and pockets. I much prefer cardigans with the traditional wee pockets. I continue to be on the look out for the longer style of cardigan we mentioned in the infamous Blood and Cardigans.
Curse the politicians
On to the checked trousers we see beneath the splendid cardigan. Rather like our cursed politicians, I swing from doing nothing to over-reacting, with nothing in-between. I'm rather obsessed with checked trousers at the moment: the over-reacting phase.

I like these grey and red trousers. I like the shape. I like the colour. I like the check. Do I love them? I'd need to get to know them better, take them to dinner a few times, see how they behave in polite company.
Archive designs
The fabric for the trousers was developed from one of JoE's earliest-surviving archive designs from the mid 19th century. The fabric is a wool and cashmere blend. The trousers are made in Italy.

Natural Undyed Collection

Much like the Heritage collection, Johnstons of Elgin's Natural Undyed collection lights up the old hedonistic hotspots in the noggin. The clothes from the collection are made from raw cashmere and vicuña, and the colours are in a natural palette of cream, beige and tan.
Juiced on dopamine
It's quite likely, juiced on dopamine, that incentive salience is drawing me to the Cashmere Vintage Check Coat from the collection. The coat is made from cashmere woven by JoE and made in Italy. JoE are right — the coat does have a lovely finish.
The model wants to be careful about rubbing his stubble against the lapel. He wouldn't want to cause the fabric to bobble. This is an investment piece. Take care!


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