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Investing in British Design and Tweed

An interesting bit of tweed news, gents. Scottish designer, Judy R. Clark, has submitted an exciting project on the crowd-sourcing design-to-production platform Wowcracy entitled Fashion a Frock Coat. What a wonderful thing to be able to feel involved in clothing production from the design stage and have a dialogue directly with designers. (Maybe I should put my sketch for the 'ultimate cardigan' on there?)

Twenty-five ready-to-wear tweed jackets and two frock coats will be produced should the project get the funding. The jackets include the men's style shown above - still at the design stage until you get your wallets out. You commit a sum and when the project is successfully completed you'll receive anything from an honourable mention to one of the actual jackets yourself, depending on sum.

The jacket will be tailored in black Harris Tweed with gold buttons. The cuff details will include coloured buttonholes.

All the garments will be made in Scotland from Scottish textiles - Tweedy approved.

We're promised photos when the jackets go into production, so let's make it so.

Click here to support Judy's project.


  1. Beautiful drawing, looking forward to seeing it come to life!


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