Nice Rack - The London Underground at Home

Unique Shelving from the London Underground

Happy birthday London Underground. 150 years old this year, eh? Who'd have thought you'd grow so big.

London Underground opened in 1863, whilst the American Civil War was still raging and a good twenty years before Jack the Ripper started prowling Whitechapel. It remains an emblem of the classical period of modernity. Such history.

And you can own a bit of that history. It is perfectly possible to recreate the London Underground in your own home. And why wouldn't you?

First swathe your house in the distinctive moquette used for the seating through the accessories sold by London Transport Museum.

Next add some of the luggage racks, also sold by London Transport Museum, that Transport for London rescued from decommissioned trains from the Metropolitan line. The racks are available raw (as above) or with bold paint jobs. Practical, attractive and with a dash of history, there's plenty of space for your bowler and brolly.


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