Patrick Grant Spotted in Debenhams

Patrick Grant - The New Designer at Debenhams

Debenhams, the British retailer, was founded in 1778. And it's still going strong. You will find a Debenhams department store on the high street of most British cities selling clothes, cosmetics, homeware and the usual departmental things. It also has operations in other countries.

I'll venture that you probably haven't taken many detours into your local branch in recent years. They haven't exactly been catering for the hunter-outer of classic British clothing styles. If you'd wanted your eyebrows threading you would have been fine, but if you had been looking for a brogue with a classic Dainite sole, no joy. (Must do a post on Dainite sometime.)

Things might be a-changing, however. Or they might not be. In other words what shall we make of the new Debenhams collaboration with Patrick Grant? Patrick, of Savile Row tailors and outfitters Norton & Sons and E. Tautz, is involved with their forthcoming Hammond & Co. by Patrick Grant menswear range, which will be launched at the back end of the year.

From the press release on suits from the range: "The Savile Row bespoke suit is the epitome of men’s tailoring. With Hammond & Co we have worked hard to ensure the synonymous cut, subtle flair and the perfect proportion is present through every piece." says Patrick Grant.

Hammond & Co. was founded in 1776.  It was the name of a tailoring house based in Oxford Street, London, which also had branches in Paris, Brussels and Vienna. And the tailor Edward Tautz of E. Tautz fame used to work for them. I imagine the name has been exhumed for this project. That's all I know. Any Hammond experts out there?

You can see Patrick in a Hammond & Co suit from the range above and in casual clothing below. They don't look too bad to me - as long as that suit isn't being pinned at the back. Good sensible men's clothing. What do you think? Is Hammond & Co going to coax you into a Debenhams? Not sure where the clothes will be made and you'll need to touch and try, of course. I hear talk that the Grant tartan will be used in the range too. If Debenhams tell us more, I'll let you know.

Patrick on Alterations

Can't get enough of Patrick? You will currently see him on a sewing programme on the BBC. Always good to see a well turned-out presenter, and Patrick has a pleasingly graceful presence on TV, but why the BBC is turning into Woman's Realm magazine I've no idea. Anyway, here's Patrick offering advice on clothing alterations. I can hear my tailor laughing at the thought of me with needle and thread in hand.

Tweedy's Question: Are you situated in a foreign territory? If so, please let me know if these BBC clips don't play away from Blighty's shores.


  1. Alas, the BBC clip is not available outside the UK, but this does nothing to diminish Mr Grant's dapperness.

    1. For shame BBC. Thanks Lirmac. Duly noted on the player front. Indeed it doesn't.

  2. And alack as well; not playable in California.

    And today's my birthday, too.....

    1. Thanks Rob. And happy birthday. Hope you're doing something smashing.

  3. "I can hear my tailor laughing at the thought of me with needle and thread in hand."

    I dunnno, I've been taught by my mum how to hem and alter the waist of trousers. A valuable skill when buying second hand and its very satisfying to get that perfect break on the trousers.

    I'd never attempt a jacket though. Some things are best left to the experts.

    1. My tailor would almost certainly applaud your efforts. As I do, Ian.


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