Mackintosh for Madrid

Dunkeld Mackintosh

Here's that Mackintosh coat I was telling you about in the Harry Palmer spectacles article. Palmer's is windowpane check, mine dogtooth with placket cover, but pretty similar. That's just because it's a classic look, I suppose. I wasn't making a conscious effort to go all 'Harry Palmer', I swear. Still looking for the machine gun though.

The Mackintosh is the Dunkeld model. The outer is in Loro Piana's Storm System wool. The model is also available in fully waterproof rubber-bonded cotton. A very light coat. But with the right layers warm enough for a chilly British Spring. The Scottish manufactory of this Japanese-owned company maintains the highest level of quality. You can see it in every stitch.

I'm Off

The Dunkeld is going to be a companion on a trip to Madrid. The forecast is showery over there, so it should be perfect. I'll be away when you read this, but you won't miss me - not even a little? - as we've devoted some entertaining features to a true arbiter of English style, a stickler to a pure Savile Row look. His opinions will both stimulate and entertain...


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