The Spanish Foreign Legion at Easter

One thing I especially like about being in Spain at Easter, as I tend to be, are the traditional holy week celebrations. One of the most spectacular ceremonies is the procession of the Christ of the Good Death, a sculpture of the cross which is carried through the streets of Málaga by Spanish legionnaires.

Ars moriendi
Stationed in North Africa, the Spanish Foreign Legion travel by ship to Málaga every Easter to carry the cross, which they adopted as their patron in the 1920s.

Note a uniform suited to the climate in which they operate.

How's that for muscular Christianity?
The tradition of carrying the cross dates back to the reconquest. As a show of strength, these Spanish hard cases lift the cross rather than using their shoulders as they sing their anthem Bridegroom of Death. (Starts at about 14' in the video below.)

How's that for muscular Christianity?

There are many Easter processions in Spain and I always try and catch one before rolling my Easter egg down a hill.
Happy Easter
However you are spending your time during the spring festive period — and I hope you find time for a spot of gardening — I wish you a Happy Easter.


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