Alfred Sargent Shoes (1899) - Brown Double Monk

Sargent Shoes for Strolling

For a stroll around the Salamanca Square, Madrid, this Easter I have chosen the Alfred Sargent bench-made Double Monk Strap shoes in chestnut leather as my companions.

Alfred Sargent was established in 1899 by Alfred and his sons in Northampton. The company is now on the fourth generation of Sargents, and located in Rushden in the same site since 1915. Long may they continue.

This version of the style was made on an 87 last for J. Crew, who tell us that the shoes undertake a process 'that takes eight weeks per pair and involves over 200 separate steps'. I wanted this colour and shape, but if you prefer a darker brown, Herring Shoes has Sargent's Ramsey, which is made on the slightly pointier 99 last (below).

Herring Shoes provides an excellent service and will treat you very well, guaranteed.


Ties and socks below are from Paul Smith and made in the UK. I've been picking up quite a few top-notch UK-made accessories from Paul Smith recently, so it is unfair to think of them as a pile-em-high retailer of could-be-from-anywhere Chinese-made goods. Delve in and you can find some gems. Paul Smith also has the bespoke tailoring operation at Westbourne House in Notting Hill, London.

The spotted green tie (with the spots getting smaller higher up) is a classic, and is an excellent 'folder'. Do you find that? Some ties just fold so well and make great knots.

Hope you like the photos? I think the photography is slowly improving on The Tweed Pig, admittedly from a very low base. Considering I was holding a cigar in my left hand as I took them, I think they capture the shoes well.


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