Sotheby's - The Made in Britain Auction

Art for Astonishingly Cultured Readership

I get more emails discussing art and music than anything else, so our astonishingly cultured readership may be interested to hear that Sotheby's is having a Made in Britain auction of pieces by 20th century British artists and designers on the 16th of this month.

Register quickly to express your interest in photography by the likes of Terence Donovan, Norman Parkinson and David Bailey and prints by David Hockney and Patrick Caufield.

I have picked out this chest of drawers by furniture designer T. H. Robsjohn-Gibbings, which was produced by Saridis of Athens in 1963.

A lovely piece of furniture. Above it could hang the 1966 portrait of Twiggy by Terrence Donovan. Twiggy epitomises the self-confidence of England in the '60s. Adjacent we could hang the 1933 portrait of Sir Noël Peirce Coward (signed) by Horst P. Horst. Noël epitomises the sophistication and elegance of England between the wars.

Favourite piece of all is Hyde Park below, a  modernist linocut print by Sybil Andrews from 1931. Following a conversation from a reader, I have been meaning to feature the famously lovely Underground posters from around that period that were printed in a similar manner. I will get round to it. In the meantime I think we should all look out for good examples that come up for auction.


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