Mitchell's Wool Fat Soap

Soft Soap from Mitchell's of Bradford

Mitchell's Wool Fat Soap is the sort of no-nonsense, small scale, British-made product that engages old Tweedy the most. It has the provenance and heritage we all seek. It has not been marketed to death or put in edgy packaging to appeal to millennials when they are not looking for something to be aggrieved about.

What do we know of the history of Mitchell's Wool Fat Soap? Well, it was first produced in the 1930s of natural ingredients by chemist Fred Mitchell of Bradford, Yorkshire. The soap is imbued with lanolin from the wool fat of sheep.

The soap is what it is, and does what is does, naturally and simply. This is its charm and its appeal.

Our old chums at Roullier White recognise this, and have some of their Wool fat Shaving Soap in stock right now. RW marvel at the soap's skin softening properties and the creamy lather it produces with an invigorating cologne scent.

The shaving boffins say it is best to use a stiff shaving brush with this natural tallow soap, and lather it on the face to really work it in and get a sleek shaving surface. The soap won't work so well in hard water areas; then again, no soaps will.

Mitchell's are still based in Bradford and their website provides an address should you wish to write to them, which is a rather sweet notion in this digital age.


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