Avoid Anxious Hair with Therapy from Murdock

Make Hair Great Again with Murdock Shampoo

With the continuing cold weather, I have been giving a pass to the clippers at my barbershop and keeping the hair longer than usual, moving away from my usual fading at the back and sides and settling on something a little more grown-out (more grown-up even).

The aim is to steer away from the Prussian style, something between David Farrar's haircut from Black Narcissus as shown in the still below, and Bowie's neat-and-tidy version of this sweptback style from his Thin White Duke period. It's not coming anywhere close, but the intention is there.

This is all about scissor work and keeping the hair in  prime condition. A good comb is essential (likely from Kent Brushes). Comb conditioner through the hair after a hair-wash, taking care to wash it all out afterwards. And every now and again indulge in a little hair therapy courtesy of Murdock London. You don't want your hair becoming anxious on you, feeling on edge and irritable — resulting in a 'mad hair day'.

Murdock's Therapeutic Scalp Shampoo — shown in the top photo with Penhaligon's Juniper Sling and Wilde & Harte Osterley Safety Razor, all made in England — combines natural oils, including 'high-altitude lavender, rosemary, tea tree and [more] juniper', and also natural sugars to improve the overall condition of your hair and scalp. Success depends on preparation. And with Murdock's shampoo you can aim for healthy-looking hair that remains sensible.


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