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When a Scarf Becomes a Shirt

I pulled on an old vintage silk scarf the other day, as I fancied wearing one rather than a shirt under a sweater. Matched with a pair of white jeans from Brooks Brothers and some Grenson Clifford tassled loafers, I felt ready for my Campari. And then it rained.

I prefer the scarf and sweater combination to the cravat within a shirt alternative in summer. There's a little bit of Cary Grant in To Catch a Thief about the no shirt approach. It can be fiddly to get right. Tie it too loosely and it can start to billow out and look a bit Regency; too tight and it can either disappear inside the sweater or look like a neck brace. Maybe I need look into cravat clips.

On the sweater front, it needs to have a fairly tight crew neck, otherwise there will be unpleasant areas of skin showing 'twixt sweater and scarf.


  1. I've been wondering this for a long time, and I hope you can finally solve this mystery. How the hell do you tie a silk scarf in this way?!

    1. Thanks AL2233. Let me see if I can explain...Tie scarf first, then put sweater on. Pull scarf onto the neck so that the middle is at the front and the ends are draped over the shoulders at the back. I folded this a little so it wasn't too wide, but the same amount of material sits under the sweater. Cross the ends at the back and bring them over the front of the shoulders. You can tie at the front if it won't make the scarf too lumpy. Now put the sweater on so that the scarf sits well beneath it. Try that! Best wishes, Tweedy.


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