Morrissey Being Sold in Marks and Spencer

Morrissey sideboard described as a modern classic

The Morrissey collection of furniture being sold by Marks and Spencer is British-designed and made by Sutcliffe Furniture, who have been producing furniture for the last 120 years. Very nice, and good on Marks and Spencer for supporting a British company.

With their new collaboration with designer Terence Conran, Marks and Spencer's furnishing and interiors range looks pretty strong.

The sideboard's been described as a modern classic, a bit like the singer of the same name, who once described himself as an "arcane old wardrobe."

You can use the sideboard to store all your Smiths and solo albums. Maybe plonk a vase full of gladioli on top too.

Who knows, perhaps Morrissey himself could use one to store his New York Dolls memorabilia.



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