Brooks Brothers - a Special Relationship

Brooks Brothers Sweater and Boots Hail from the UK

A nice couple of items for Autumn from one of our favourite US outfitters, and oldest clothing retailer, Brooks Brothers. On closer inspection, I realised both pieces, part of the Black Fleece collection, were made in the UK. Maybe my snout is made to sniff these things out. So you can dress in the best Anglo-American manner and cement a special relationship.

In the early days of Brooks Brothers much of the influence on style, the cloth and some of the manufacturing came out of the UK, so this is a continuation of the founding principle to "make and deal only in merchandise of the finest body, to sell it at a fair profit and to deal with people who seek and appreciate such merchandise".

These items are certainly of the "finest body" and you, dear reader, will , I'm sure, "appreciate such merchandise". 

First up, we have the Tipped Cable V-Neck Sweater in grey cashmere. Lovely touch with the sleeve cuffs and mother-of-pearl buttons detail (above).

Next we have the black brogue boot, or Pebble Wingtip Boot to give it its official name. Black footwear is staging a fightback over brown right now, and my word do they look solidly built and British. Certainly, none of the Italian affectation and catwalk pretension that are taking Church's shoes in an uncomfortable direction since Prada took them over.    

Being nosy, a question arises as to who made these items? The Tweed Clarion has been sounded. Let's see if we can find the answer...


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