M and the Montecristo Mini

Tweedy Enjoys the Finer Points of Fritz Lang's M

Fritz Lang's M, released in 1931, is a great film for specific reasons. Peter Lorre's finest performance in film; a gritty depiction of Weimar Germany in its decline; tense plot; and ground-breaking direction. An undoubted masterpiece.

As I'm shooting over to Berlin later in the year, I thought a re-watch would be useful as a spot of revision. Zoning in on some of the finer detail, I noted the following:
  1. The bowler hat and leather trench coat combination (above). As you'll know, we're big fans of bowlers and trench coats at Tweed Towers. Is anyone making leather trench coats at the moment? Demonstrably, it can work if worn with attitude.
  2. The upturned cigar holder, like a sort of pipe hybrid (below).
  3. The beer bowl that could turn any meal into a feast.
Symbols of a civilised city, I concluded. Who knows, I might be able to spot some modern equivalents when I'm next in Berlin.

Espresso Cigars

The modern, thrusting, man-about-town often lacks time to puff contemplatively on a cigar like a Berlin detective. The smoking of a gran corona almost needs to be planned into a day.

This is where the small ones come in. Keeping a few Montecristo Minis on your person makes for an added treat during those unplanned moments when you find yourself on a sunny terrace with a glass of gin and tonic in your hand.

The Tweed Pig Index of Civilised Cities - When We Get Round to It

When we get round to compiling the Tweed Pig Index of Civilised Cities, a good cigar shop and a dedicated hat shop may well be on our tick list of indicators. Maybe cashmere sweater wearers per square mile - plus points. Flip-flop wearers per square mile - minus points. An eponymous cake or liqueur dedicated to the city is good. Enormous beer glasses, obviously. The important stuff, not the cold hand of government statistics. I'll be taking my notepad to Berlin. If you have any thoughts on the 'civability' of a city, do let us know.


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