Music to Button a Cardigan By: The Poacher

Ronnie Lane gets out his tackle for The Poacher

It's been a bit of a scarf week here at the Tweed Pig. earlier, we wrote of Cary Grant's Riviera scarf in To Catch a Thief. Today we have Ronnie Lane wearing a neckerchief with his tweeds in a more bucolic style.

Ronnie was linchpin of hugely important 60s British mod band The Small faces, then later with his own band Slim Chance who blended rock and folk in records like the sublime The Poacher [Amazon (Poacher Take 2)], with lyrics conjuring wistful pastoral imagery. With a title like The Poacher, it's fitting that Lane dressed in country-bumpkin style, though if he'd tucked in the 'kerchief he could have edged toward the David Niven look in Powell and Pressburger's charming film A Matter of Life or Death.


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