Peal and Co. Shoes - Mystery Almost Solved

The Lasting Appeal of Peal & Co. Shoes

Remember when we mentioned that London shoemakers Peal & Co. had closed in 1965, but there being a connection with Foster and Son?

The name now lives on with Brooks Brothers, such as with the English-made Peal & Co. Lightweight Tie Loafer above.

How so? Liking the shoes very much, we were intrigued enough to do some thorough investigative journalism and 'get the skinny' (as the Anglo-Americans might say) on the current state of play with the brand and who makes the shoes.

Foster & Son Bring Peal and Co. into the Fold

First of all, we must mention the historic link between Peal & Co. and Foster & Son. Foster & Son's bespoke last maker Terry Moore was trained by Peal & Co., and the company adopted the Peal 'Boot & Fox' logo when the business closed in the mid-1960s.

Brooks Brothers Retain the Cherished Name

Although Peal & Co. no longer exists as a shoemaker in its own right, the brand name is actually owned by Brooks Brothers, who market a range of shoes and other goods under that name with a similar logo. Brooks Brothers acquired the company in the 1960s and has continued to make footwear under the label to this day.

The Northampton Connection - Crockett and Jones 1879

The Peal and Co. shoes are made in England exclusively for Brooks Brothers. But made by whom? Our new friends at Crockett and Jones, the renowned Northampton, England shoemakers, confirmed that make the "majority of the Peal & Co. collection".

The 'majority' of the collection, they say. So we still have a gap. Not quite the thorough piece of investigative journalism we suggested after all. We'll keep the case open.


  1. I am looking for women's shoes made by Peal & Company successor. Their loafers are the BEST shoes I've ever had - am still keeping four pairs going - just took one - maybe eight years old - in for resoling today. Thank you for any information.

    1. I think the Peal name has become a bit a legal grey area, but take a look at Foster & son or Crockett & Jones. They may have just the loafer.

  2. I own a shoe referbishment company in England and work closely with the shoe makers , foster & son and Crockett & jones. Fosters hand make all their shoes for peal & co these are individually Taylor made. Crockett & jones offer off the shelf shoes for peal & co. Hope this helps.
    Terry Moore retired in 2011 but fosters still hand make their shoes from his lasts.

    1. Thanks for the info Martin. Best wishes, Tweedy.


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