Hold Onto Your Bates Hats

Hats for the Hols

As The Tweed Pig annual Bloggers Fortnight approaches, I've been looking into a nice summer hat to prevent those blessed Mediterranean rays from boiling my bonce.

Bates the hat people have some nice ones this season.   

About Bates Hats

Edward Bates Ltd has been located in Jermyn Street, London, since 1898. Bates is renowned for its traditional British head wear. The range includes all the classics you'll need: trilbies, panamas, flat caps, bowlers and their signature pork pie hats.

The Veneto

I'm toying with a blue Veneto (above). A small brimmed straw hat. A day hat. I can see myself licking a stracciatella ice cream on the back of a Lambretta TV 175 in this one (see video below).

The Fino Trilby

The Fino Trilby is a finely woven folding Panama. Like all the best Panamas, it's woven in Ecuador. I see myself sipping a pre-prandial Aperol spritz amongst the Bougainvillea of a courtyard bar in this one.

Maybe I should travel with both?

Tweedy's Warning: The quality and fineness of Panama weaving can vary greatly. Buy your hat from a reputable hatter like Bates.

Do the Lambre Twist this Summer


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