Summer Loving - Socks from Missoni

Missoni Socks

The marketing puff on the label of these Missoni cotton socks suckered me in. And I quote, "The exclusive patterns of the Missoni socks sometimes requires a workmanship which alternates various colours and needs the frequent change of yarns. The irregularities on the back of the sock are therefore typical features of this technique."

Charming, though I'm not entirely sure what it's getting at. The gist, I think, is that time and effort have gone into their production. And wearing them, they don't feel like your ordinary sock. Very comfortable. Good length too. I don't think you have to necessarily go short in summer. Thickness counts. And these are thin, thin, thin.

Sheer Bliss

The lightness and sheerness of the Missoni socks gives them an extraordinarily fresh feel for summer.

Who's responsible for making them? They're made in Italy, and we know that Missoni collaborates with the best Italian manufacturers.

It won't be Gammarelli, the Pope's sockmaker, as they only produce plain socks under their own label. Bresciani? Could be. That's where I'd place a bet.

Here you see them with model's own pre-Prada Church's slippers. Made in the UK, I don't think they do this style anymore. 

Tweedy's Thought: Socks designed to be short enough to be hidden inside a shoe brook no favour at Tweed Towers. Is there a more repelling sight to behold than the material of a short sock creeping out of the top of a training shoe. (Better to wear none at all.) Keep 'em long and proud. Love your socks.


  1. I own a pair of these and find the quality to be above many other brands' socks. So beautiful and comfortable !


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