Diamond Jubilee - Celebrating with Friends


Asprey have collaborated with artist Chris Levine on "The Diamond Queen". Asprey's craftsmen worked over a year to recreate the diamond diadem worn by Her Majesty to her coronation, which was then superimposed onto the original Levine's portrait of the Queen, "Equanimity", producing a new image to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

Foster & Son

Foster & Son have created in association with Caroline Groves an iconic pair of ladies' shoes, the first in the company's 170 year history. Featuring traditionally made hand-crafted stacked heels and hand-stitched soles, the shoes are fully enclosed, with the insoles, soles, stiffeners and heels all made from English oak bark tanned leather.

The high shaped heels were built using lists of leather, pressed and shaped in a manner traditionally associated with gentlemen's shoe. The heels were finished with hand-stitched leather and a solid silver fillet, and Palladian white gold leaf was applied using a gilding technique to the breast of the shoes.

Using antique silver thread, hand-stitched spiderweb, French and bullion knots were woven over a number of weeks to create these shoes which are now displayed on top of the hand-crafted Foster & Son carriage, which was specifically restored for the occasion.


Dents' craftsmen produced the Diamond Jubilee gloves for Queen Victoria and the Coronation gloves for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty The Queen's accession to the throne, they have made three styles of gloves for the Jubilee: a Union Jack Glove, a Union Jack fingerless glove and a replica based on the design of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee glove.


Hackett London have created the Diamond Jubilee Tweed drawing inspiration as Jeremy Hackett explains from "seeing many photographs of the Queen at Badminton Horse Trials or strolling through the grounds of Balmoral elegantly attired in Scottish tweeds". The tweed woven in the UK has been used in a range of limited edition accessories and garments, such as this three piece suit.

John Walker & Sons

Scotch Whisky Distillers John Walker & Sons have bottled a blend of rare malt and grain Scotch Whiskies distilled in and matured since 1952.

The Diamond Jubilee whisky comes in a diamond-shaped Baccarat crystal decanter adorned with a Britannia silver collar set with a half-carat diamond by Scottish silversmiths Hamilton & Inches. The limited edition includes a pair of lead Cumbria crystal glasses engraved by Philip Lawson Johnston and comes in a bespoke cabinet made from oak and Caledonian pine from Sandringham by N.E.J. Stevenson.


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