Dashing Tweeds - The Hanky Hat

Dashing Tweeds Revisits a British Classic - The Knotted Hanky

The fashioning of a white handkerchief into headwear by tying knots at the corners became something of a clichéd image of the British male at play in sunny weather. Glen Matlock of the Sex Pistols and the Monty Python team became associated with this forgotten look.

A look best forgotten you might say. And we tend to agree. To a point. Step forward Dashing Tweeds who have done the seemingly impossible and made the wearing of a handkerchief on the head a plausible option.

Hanky Headwear Reimagined

What if the ingenuity behind the hanky hat was to be refined and reworked using finest jacquard cotton and then combined with the practical elements of a flat cap? Dashing Tweeds had such thoughts and designed the Hanky Hat. The hanky bit sits at the back quite naturally.

The hats are manufactured in London by Patey Hats using cotton woven in Suffolk. A wonderful summer addition to classic British headwear.


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