Bathing in Budapest - On the Habsburg Trail

Vienna to Budapest - The Habsburg Trail

If you are visiting Vienna, you can tag a nice little train journey onto your trip within the bounds of the old Habsburg empire.

A couple of hours out from Vienna Westbahnhof train station and you arrive in Keleti Pályaudvar station in the centre of Budapest.

Budapest has excellent thermal spas. I visit the Gelert, Rudas and Széchenyi depending on mood and weather.

Széchenyi Baths 1881

Széchenyi Baths is situated in the City Park. This is a good one when the sun's shining as there is a large outdoor area. You can sit in the water and play chess with a local. They sometimes have club nights that combine with bathing if you're so inclined.

Rudas Baths 1550

The Rudas Baths is a throwback to Budapest's Ottoman period. The central octagonal pool is housed in a dome. Dark and atmospheric. Fabulous. One for being indoors on cold days.

Gellert Baths 1918

The Gellert Baths is a favourite and an all-year-rounder. You can use the indoor facilities to soak in Art Nouveau splendour or use the outdoor sundecks and pools if the weather's more clement. Though located within the famous Gellert Hotel, the baths are managed separately.

At great personal risk I took some photos of the interior (verboten) of the Gellert Baths, including the changing rooms - how would I explain that? The things I do for The Tweed Pig.

Orlebar Brown at the Gellert Baths

I was allocated changing room 18 on this visit to the Gellert. A good spot. There's a little bed  inside for treatments or a snooze if the exertion of bobbing in a pool at 38°C takes its toll.

The Orlebar Brown shorts were perfect for bathing then taking lunch on the sun terrace. I think this style is Bulldog. Let me check on the website. Yes. Notice the Klenk-like colour.


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