Fox Brothers 1772 - Navigating the English Flannel

More Flannel from Fox Brothers

Fox Brothers, the woollen mill of Somerset, England have been producing the finest flannel cloth since 1803. This year they have consolidated their reputation by launching a bunch of flannels for tailoring - 37 in all and of various weights. You could say they've taken a while to get round to it, but let's rejoice that they have. We love this company (and we think they love us too), as demonstrated by our Fox Brothers week.

The designs, inspired by Fox Brothers' unique archive, will leave your tailor slavering at the bit. We have a 13oz Glen Check and Puppy Tooth above and 10oz Windowpane Check and Birdseye below.

Cream Flannel Suitable for Cricket Trousers

The Fox Brothers 13oz cream flannel (below) is suitable for cricket (or clubhouse) trousers or blazers, which may be of interest to Flannels for Heroes the fundraising charity for injured soldiers.

Flannels for Heroes organises cricket matches in traditional cricket whites, flannel being the cloth of choice for cricket trousers until the charmless march of man-made 'performance' fibres swept it away from the professional level down. Polyester trousers? That's just not cricket.


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