Diamond Jubilee - Sport of Queens

Diamond Jubilee Celebrations off to a Flying Start at Epsom for the Derby

Her Majesty the Queen will be in attendance for the 233rd Epsom Derby today, the first official event of the 4-day Diamond jubilee celebrations. Incredible to think the first Derby winner was in 1780.

The Queen Doesn't Show Her Colours

The racing silks of the Queen, purple body and scarlet sleeves, will sadly be missing from the Derby as she doesn't have a horse running this year.

I imagine a lot of money would have been staked on a horse of the Queen this Jubilee year. Not sure if the Queen has a flutter herself, but we've emptied the petty cash tin at Tweed Towers for a punt on Bonfire. If we win, the Jubilee party may last a little longer in these parts.

Traditional Pearly Day Out

Speaking of royalty, another tradition on Derby Day is the arrival at Epsom of the Pearly Kings and Queens. Will it be decorated horse carts or scooters this year?


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