Tom Keene's New York Dietary Diary

Tom Keene reveals mouth-watering eating habits

Navigating the financial markets may be akin to rounding Cape Horn's roiling seas on an inflatable mattress at the moment. Even if it's impossible not to get a drenching, with Tom Keene's hugely entertaining financial programme, Surveillance Midday, on Bloomberg Television you can get your bearings and try to plot a course. 

Older Tweed Pig readers will recall the interview we made in March with the ever dapper Tom concerning style. Some good tips. Wearing a bow tie is useful when dining for starters - it can avoid food spillages unlike wearing ties. 

And talking of dining, over at the Grub Street New York web site, Tom describes his diet during a very hectic past few days, exposing tips and addresses on good eating and drinking along the way.

Food and drink the Tom Keene way - the highlights

  • Signature drink - Beefeater Shaken Forever with Olives (BSFwO)
  • Bars to drink BSFwOs:
    • Opia
    • Silver Lining bar in Tribeca - an offshoot from Little Branch whose mission statement is: "We can live without cocktails, but would it be worth it?"  
  • Signature tomato - the kumato, a sweet tomato (Must track one down) 
  • Wine of the season - AIX rose 
  • Amaro Nonino makes for a nice digestif
The article shows a nice balance. We might be tempted to say more cocktails in the current climate.

Of course, with Tom's well-fitted suits, if ever he were tempted, he could really over-indulge and it would never show. A good suit hides all. Exercise or better suits - that's the choice, chaps.   

Tom Keene serves as the host of "Surveillance Midday" a hub for the global Wall Street audience. Watch the program on Bloomberg Television or visit for a selection of online videos and links to Tom's Facebook, Twitter and blog posts.


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