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Peregrine Clothing - Traditional British Country Clothing

The Glover family has been associated with the manufacture of British clothing for eight generations - since 1772. Their Peregrine Clothing brand was established in 1956 and is being taken into a very interesting place by current Glover, Tom.

The company has consolidated, moving away from competing with cheap imports in the UK, to concentrate on producing clothes with an emphasis on quality British craftsmanship and materials in its country clothing collections.

The first Peregrine Clothing shop is on the doorstep of Tweed Towers, actually. A cosy little place in Bristol. I'll certainly be popping in again next time I'm over that way, based on the crew neck island jumper (above) and button-neck mountain jumper (below). I struggle with Bristol's traffic system, mind.

Tweed Pig fact

I've always thought how nice it would be to have hair the colour of the model above. Fits so well with the colours of the land you find in British country clothing. Come to think of it, whenever I pick up a copy of L'Uomo Vogue in Italy there are usually an inordinate amount of male models with red hair. Is it the rarity value, the Britishness? Maybe Italians just love red hair. If I were a young man with a luxuriant mane of red hair, I'd be off to Italy sharpish to test the theory.

Peregrine Clothing

16 Alma Vale Road,
Bristol, BS8 2HY
United Kingdom


  1. Peregrine Clothing23 September 2011 at 17:00

    The Model who was a part of our A/W campaign- Jonny Harrington has also modeled for another British campaign... Socks By Archie Foal. Take a look at

  2. Thanks for the comment. We'll be looking to feature he socks at some time.

  3. I love the crew neck design. The clothes are just classic and simple.
    Great find!


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