Happy St Patrick's Day - Donegal and Stout

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to all our Irish readers. I know it's hard, but don't get too sentimental about the old Emerald Isle today. A shamrock tattoo really isn't advisable.

A Stout Donegal tweed for Saint Patrick
Why not consider investing in a length of True Donegal tweed from our Irish chums — ár gcairde maitheMagee (1866) of Ireland. An Irish clothing company of great heritage, Magee has remained in the Temple family since 1900.

Magee Donegal tweed is designed and woven in their Donegal mill. The raw material is washed in the river Eske — begorrah — which helps to give the lambswool a silky soft handle. The Oat & Brown Salt & Pepper Flecked Donegal Tweed above is an absolute delight, having those coloured flecks we all know and love, reflecting the natural landscape of the area. The Oat & Brown pattern is something like the typical image of Donegal tweed that will come to mind, but wow is that green herringbone version below rather super.

Shamrock lining
You will probably need about four yards of this 13oz cloth to have enough for a suit and two pairs of trousers or a three-piece suit with weskit. You could extend to a five-piece suit if you wish. I'm all for it and no one is stopping you. You live in a free and open democracy don't you? So why the hell not?

Oh, go on then, have a little green shamrock sewn into the lining on the jacket.

Added stout
To complete the picture, simply add a pint of stout. Something like O' Hara's Awarding Winning Irish Stout (top) from the Carlow Craft Brewery in County Carlow, Ireland. Carlow is committed to traditional brewing methods. They say that a combination of stout hops and roast barley gives their stout the coffee and liquorice zap we stout lovers crave. Don't worry if you get a drop on the Donegal tweed. Though soft, it is robust enough to take a spill. (Tip: Quickly trying to suck split beer out of tweed is a natural reaction, though not advisable. Best to pat the spillage with a cloth.)


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