Paul Weller & Fox Brothers

Real Stars are Rare

Following on from his experience with DAKS, Paul Weller has ventured deeply into clothes design in collaboration with Phil Bickley of Tonic, London.

For their label, Real Stars are Rare (too true), Paul designs the clothes and Phil puts the designs into production. Their design vision is to create 'small collections of classic, timeless pieces with a focus on top quality materials, all based on a loosely modernist aesthetic.'

This is a serious commitment on Paul's part, not to be compared with the vanity projects of coddled pop stars. We know Paul is mad about clothes (like any true mod), and gives everything he wears very careful consideration indeed (like we all should).

Fox Brothers Three-Piece Suit

One of the latest items out by Real Stars are Rare is their first three-piece suit. The suit has a two-button jacket and is half-canvassed. The trousers have a parallel cut.

It is constructed from a very fine Prince of Wales cloth supplied by dear friends Fox Brothers.



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