Intelligence from Jigsaw

Made in Britain Returning to the High Street

Our man-on-the-ground at Jigsaw, the British retailer, has been in touch, gents. Jigsaw has a couple of articles they thought you might be interested in. I've added links below. Thanks Jigsaw.

By the way, did you know that Jigsaw use one or two British manufacturers familiar to us? Yes, those nicely coordinated examples of socks from CORGI and suede shoes from Sanders above are made for Jigsaw.

The Tweed Run

This one has some tidbits from the 2013 Tweed Run.

Linton Tweeds

This one is all about Linton Tweeds (1912) of Carlisle, England, the makers of the original fabrics used in the famous Chanel Suit. I was particularly interested in this one. I enjoy learning about the Great British cloth-makers. But they're a diffident bunch, by-and-large. Linton, if you read us, get in touch and help us tell the world about your glorious history.


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