Norfolk Beard Oil

One for the Beardies

I imagine we have bearded readers? I'm sure there are a few of you out there sporting a Philosopher or a King Edward VII. Well, apologies for not having served your needs as best we could over the years. We've been razor this and shaving cream that for the most part - all talk about keeping a smooth face. This hasn't been pognophobia on our part, let me tell you.

In fact, we'd say some people look far better with beards than without. Mostly men. Take Orson Welles (above) and Prince Michael of Kent with signature large-collared shirt and Windsor-knotted tie (below).

To be frank, we haven't found many products marketed specifically for beards that we can feature. Sure, we've covered moustache waxes, but nothing specifically for a full beard. Let's redress the balance a little today by introducing Norfolk Beard Oil.

Norfolk Beard Oil Conditioning Cologne

Norfolk Beard Oil was established by Jeremy Neal and Marek Duchnowski last year. The company develops and makes beard oils - in Norfolk, England - to keep facial hair in tip-top condition.

Norfolk Beard Oil's first blend, Lover, has scent of patchouli and juniper, with Moroccan argan oil and grapeseed oil to freshen, condition and soothe. King, Warrior and Magician blends to follow. Something for the beard in your life.


  1. Loving the recent beard action - two very hirsute posts in a row. How about a further post of great british beards i.e. Shackleton, Sean Connery?

    1. Thanks. Sounds like a good idea. I'm thinking James Robertson Justice as I type.

  2. Thanks Liam. Best wishes, Tweedy

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