Cold Harbour Mill - West Country Tartan

Cold Harbour Mill in Devon

Coldharbour Mill is a 200-year-old mill in rural Uffculme, Devon, England. It's primarily a museum now, but they're still making noteworthy local tartan in small runs on the historical knitting and weaving machinery that is exhibited. It's well worth a visit to see some of the old machinery on show. You might want to take your Jensen Interceptor for a spin round the area, actually, as there are some charming little villages and country pubs.

Coldharbour Mill has a Fox Brothers connection. Thomas Fox started producing textiles at Coldharbour in 1799,  the weaving being done by hand at that time. Fox fabrics live on, but Coldharbour ceased to be a fully-operational mill in 1981.

West Country Tartans

Ties and scarves are produced from the Coldharbour's tartan fabrics - such as the Devon tartan above and the new Blackdown tartan below. They also sell the cloth for home furnishing. Kilts by Lindsay produce a heavier weight cloth in the same tartans for kilts and trews. Some nice heathery colours in that Blackdown pattern. A future classic.


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