Sound the Trumpet - Happy Saint George's Day

St George's Day

A Happy Saint George's Day to all our English readers. Put your rose martini in your hand and let's raise a toast: "To England." Now let's go about our business. We don't want to make a fuss.

Later today, I would suggest you go for a celebratory afternoon tea with a red rose in your lapel. Order some rose tea too. Am I overdoing the rose?

Sound the Trumpet

To get you in an English mood, let's herald in the day and listen to the highly talented trumpeter Alison Balsom and countertenor Iestyn Davies performing Purcell's Sound the Trumpet and Handel's Eternal Source of Light Divine from her album Sound the Trumpet [Amazon].In fact, every day should start with Purcell's Sound the Trumpet. Is there a more English sound than this? What do you mean Adele?


  1. This is quintessentially English music, and Alison Balsom and the consort are truly brilliant musicians.

    Thanks so much for the introduction.


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