The Tunic Shirt Craze

At the start of the year we spoke about the attractive tunic shirts from New & Lingwood. It appears that we now control the narrative, as the current craze for tunic shirts that we're fomenting continues unabated.

Stanley Ley Tunic Shirts
Remember Francis Bown mentioning lawyer's shops around Chancery Lane that sold tunic shirts and collars? One such is Stanley Ley, who does Bengal striped shirts that come with two detachable day collars (as above). You might want to add a white cutaway day collar too.

The general advice for tunic shirts is that the collar is a size bigger than the collarband of the tunic shirt. Detachable collars are actually starting to make a lot of sense, if only for the practicalities of laundering and ironing.

Darcy Clothing

Darcy Clothing — the shop for everyday dandies — also sell tunic shirts, collars and collar studs online. Tread carefully if you do not want to dress like an extra from a period drama. But if that's what you're looking for, tread as carelessly as you like.
Everyday dandies
Perhaps go for a Boardwalk Empire-style Edwardian collar like the one below, which is made in England.

The swivel-head collar studs to connect your collar are also made in the UK.


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