Wolsey Belt - An Apology

I wish to extend an apology to this belt from Wolsey. I've been meaning to feature it for a while and never finding the time. If, ahem, donations were to suddenly flood in, however, I'm guessing I would suddenly have all the time in the world. Anyway, poor belt, I didn't want it to disappear before I expressed my admiration.

Wolsey is Bloody Old

Wolsey has been in existence since 1755 - so it's a fairly old British brand and one of the world's first, being named after 15/16th century mover-and-shaker Cardinal Wolsey. In 1755, the Seven Years War against the French was taking place in North America. The British redcoats were probably wearing Wolsey hosiery. Their sons could pack a Kent comb for the American revolution a few years later.

Wolsey is still a British company too, part of the Matalan Group. And it's a proud possessor of a Royal Warrant.

About the Belt

Wolsey's Sudbury Plaited Leather Belt is made in England, hand-plaited with Italian leather and with a brass buckle. Smashing.  


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