Clapton on Wearing Tweed in Cordings

Clapton - From Street Style to Country style

Isn't Eric Clapton part-owner of Cordings? I might have written about the connection before. The information's likely a couple of clicks away. But I know me. I'll start clicking and end up watching some vintage footage of The Yardbirds. I'll press on.

What we do know for certain is that Eric's a massive fan of the shop and the clothes they sell. (Even if we only ever see him in t-shirts nowadays.)

Here's a little video of Eric (below) talking lovingly of Cordings as a place imbued with the tradition and heritage of England. By contrast, there's a super photo of his 60s mod styling with Harrington and cropped hair above. The Harrington redolent of the tradition and heritage of English street style rather than country style. Baracuta, the Manchester-based makers of the original Harrington, was bought by the Italian company Lavori late last year. If it wasn't an Italian company, I imagine a Japanese company would have got them.

In the video Eric reminisces about his first visit to Cordings when he tried on an emerald green herringbone tweed three-piece suit he had long been admiring in the shop window. The thornproof cloth was like "wearing a green wooden suit".

It would be great to have a photo of Eric in the finest Cordings attire so he can become our latest pin up. Cordings people - come on, let's make this happen. Do it for Tweedy.


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