Pierotucci of Florence

Pierotucci Leather Goods

Pierotucci is a family-owned business based in Florence, Italy, and has been making leather goods since 1972.

Currently headed by Marco Tucci, Pierotucci's products are all hand made in their factory on the outskirts of Florence. As well as making products for some of the big fashion brands, Pierotucci sell directly from their factory shop. They are happy to show you around the factory if you're visiting. And Florence is always worth a visit.

When You Visit Florence

After enjoying a bistecca fiorentina at Coco Lezzone, you may have to loosen this summer belt in burnished woven leather from Pierotucci (you've just bought it and couldn't wait to wear it) while you enjoy your espresso. An unusual round buckle, which is designed so you can see the whole glorious roundness when fastened. I'm seeing Keith Richards wearing this belt when the Rolling Stones decamped to the south of France in 1971. The mind's eye - a wonderful thing.

The Florentine Coin Purse

Pretending you're still in Coco Lezzone, you'll need money handy to pay for that steak you've just gobbled down. And when in Florence, why not a Florentine coin purse? A coin purse is one of the three wallets we all need, the other two being a breast wallet and bi-fold.

The Florentine coin purse is alleged to date back to Catherine de' Medici. The leather of the purse is shaped and hardened on a wooden last, as with shoemaking, and then painted to give the traditional patina. Pierotucci tell me they were invented by the Florentine monks to hold florins. The nickname for the purse is tacco, which, unless this is a local word that means something rude or blasphemous, translates to heel in standard Italian.

Rare (Steak) Footage of Tweedy Eating a Fiorentina at Coco Lezzone

Not seen on the photo, but my belt is on the verge of being loosened.

After the loosening, I managed to tuck away some afters.


  1. We enjoyed the way you mix the bistecca Fiorentina with some classic Leather goods.

    Thanks for mentioning our work! Next time let me know when you are visiting the factory.


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