Linley's London Skyline

Leave it to The Experts

I thought I would have a go at re-oiling a mid-century teak cabinet we have at Tweed Towers the other week. The one I keep my scarves in at the entrance. Sporting my Old Town bib apron, with pencil behind my ear and mug of tea in hand, I set to work. Simple enough job you'd think, but the cabinet is now in intensive care at a furniture restorers who are putting right the mess I made. My scarves are without a home for the foreseeable future.

This is why I have utmost respect for the craftsman who works with his hands, for the man who spends years honing his skills.

Someone like the chap in the video below from our old friends at Linley, who will be exhibiting at the Masterpiece London art and design fair this week at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, London.

London Skyline Panel in 20,000 Pieces

Linley will be showing the incredible piece of marquetry you see in the video at the exhibition. Skyline Panel depicts the contemporary London skyline at dusk.

Let's consider the stats to create this unique work:
  • 750 hours of design
  • 800 hours of construction
  • 20,000 individual pieces of veneer in sycamore, walnut, maple, eucalyptus and ash

A similar technique is used for the Linley London Skyline humidor in the top image. The marquetry comprises cherry, Swiss pear, sycamore, walnut and wenge veneers, with a background of Macassar ebony. It comes with 70 Regional Editions cigars, which are made exclusively for the UK market by Habanos through Hunters & Frankau.

Tweedy's Plea: Are you a British master craftsman? Can I see what you do and show the readers? Put your tools down, turn off radio 3 and get in touch.


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