Reader's Sleeves

One of our longest-serving readers from good neighbours Sweden sent this sleeve-based photo of a timeless clothing combination. What do we see combined? We have a Burberry trench coat at the top layer. Next in line comes the essential Harris tweed.

Joyful sprezzatura
The shirt and gloves are described as 'just old'. Might we say 'much loved'? The gloves have reached a point where they exhibit a sense of joyful sprezzatura that can only be achieved with much wear and appreciation. This is a gentleman's sleeve, gentlemen, possessing a harmony and a nonchalant cavalier spirit that can't be manufactured — it must be lived.
The appeal of the enduring
Our reader was inspired to send in the picture following the post on Edward and Freddie Fox, contemplating the passing on of good habits and the rejection of the throwaway culture for something more permanent. Edward's 100-year-old shoes are testament to the appeal of the enduring.

Carry your heart on your sleeve
Do you have a sleeve up your sleeve? I encourage you to assemble a sleeve shot, take a snap and send it in. I wonder if a professional sleeve might be interesting here? A high court judge's ermine-draped sleeve or an army officer's red-coated sleeve in full regalia might make interesting viewing. Or feel free to snap the coverings for another part of your anatomy. I'm not fussy. Finally, you might want to go the whole hog and become a pin-up. I'm still waiting for certain Greek diplomat to step up to that challenge...


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