Martha Sitwell's Jumping Gin

With a slightly twittering heart, I bring news of Lady Martha Sitwell's latest venture. The apron-skirted queen of the sidesaddle has collaborated with Foxdenton to create what's been described as a 'perfect flask filler'Martha's Marvellous Jumping Juice.

If I were an impertinent cad, I might reluctantly admit that Lady Sitwell has a certain all-consuming and bewitching allure. She certainly belongs to a past age of glamour. (It only takes a state of mind.) If we had an Elegant Female page, Martha would be a shoo-in. I sometimes consider it, you know. Time, old boy.
The Elegant Female
The Foxdenton Estate was acquired through marriage by the Radclyffe family in 1397. Countless generations later, Foxdenton passed into the hands of Nicholas Radclyffe. In the 1930s the family hit on a splendid idea to help keep 'Foxdenton Estate alive for another few hundred years'. They dug out beloved old family recipes — written in middle English, I'm guessing — for gin-based fruit liqueurs and started to concoct them for sale. New bottles continue to be added to the collection. The recent Foxdenton 48%, a high strength London dry gin, has won numerous tasting awards. They also do a gingery Christmas Liqueur, which demands attention. I'll request an asset validation from my field operatives.

Martha's Marvellous Jumping Juice is a winter warmer made from London dry gin and English plums infused with spicy botanicals. Glug it from a hip flask or add it to champagne, depending on the circs.

The smoking Martha
The label on the Jumping Juice bottles has the famous 'smoking Martha' photograph by EquusPix Photography.

Slanting enchantress
I can't make out if she's riding sidesaddle in the photo. Who's leg is that on the right? No matter. I can't think of a better way to sign off this post than with a couple more photographs of our slanting enchantress.


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