The Grenfell Crossfell

This Crossfell coat from Grenfell has some age. I believe it was my father's originally, but it has circulated around the family Tweed and now lands at Tweed Towers. The coat is washable and lightweight, and excellent for weekend exploring between Holy Cross Day and Bonfire Night. Beyond that date, we need to go a bit warmer.

The coat has lightweight beige cotton outer with corduroy details under the collar and on the zipper placket. We have the classic football buttons, buttoning the coat to the neck.

The coat has the classic Grenfell parallel stitching detail on the shoulders. You will see this reflected on the current Walker model.

The toggled drawstrings pull the coat in and keep things snug.

One good thing is that I can throw this coat in the washing machine and it comes out pristine. Hard to believe that the coat may well be approaching half-a-century, but here it is — still performing admirably.

This is why a company like Grenfell gains its reputation - and will continue to do so, by staying true to their heritage, providing clothes that are built to last and have a timeless look.


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