Old Town Woollen Items

Often copied, but never beaten on classic British workwear, Old Town offer their classic styles in cotton, linen and wool fabrics for different times of the year. You can choose a design that suits your frame and have it made in different cloths and colours suitable for every season.

Bears repetition
I'm not going to repeat how I love everything about Old Town: their ethos, their aesthetic, their intelligence, their appreciation of Britain's manufacturing heritage, which ripples out in everything they do. Utterly beyond fashion. Oh, I just did — never mind.

The Marshalsea jacket with rever collar in a grey wool (top) is an excellent winter choice. It also looks splendid in heavy brown corduroy.

If you want the Marshalsea in corduroy or moleskin, it comes lined.

Unity is Snug
Are you wondering about those trousers in the photo of the corduroy jacket? I thought you might be. They are from Old Town's Unity coverall separates — a utilitarian suit of jacket and trousers.

For the cooler months, the Unity is available in Merino lambswool. We see the Unity in camel-coloured lambswool here.

The Unity reminds me a little of Churchill's siren suit, which was re-introduced by Kingsman.  As the Unity is a two-piece, it's a little easier to wear and combine.

If I may, what a delightful model in the photo below — a painter's dream. Her eyes follow you around the room. I feel my cheeks reddening.

One might choose the Unity for soldering brass, painting large abstracts, listening to Stockhausen in the early hours or for a cosy night in with a copy of Swift's A Modest Proposal. Whatever takes your fancy.

But remember: There is no place for grief in a house which serves the Muse.


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