Slowboy Menswear Illustrations

For their great charm, it's no wonder that some of our favourite British brand names are using the talents of Chinese illustrator Fei Wang for their promotions. The drawings of Fei Wang, also known as Mr. Slowboy, are part of the continued revival of the almost lost art of fashion illustration.

Retro breath of fresh air
Slowboy drawings are described as 'a retro breath of fresh air' and 'deliberately measured antidote to the world of fast fashion'. Slowboy specialises particularly in drawings of traditional menswear. Taking inspiration from 'Indian miniatures, Japanese Ukiyoe and the great Hozumi Kazuo', one is also put in mind of the delightful illustrations of Japanese artist Hiroshi Watatani and the English artist Oliver Preston's captivating work for Cordings.
Winsome Spring-Heeled Jack
Below we see representative examples of the Slowboy style — capturing the Englishman at work and play— for Fox Brothers (also above), followed by a straw boater captured for Lock & Co., and finally an umbrella focus for London Undercover. The illustrations are all hand drawn, which brings something human and slower-paced to the nature of the advertising; more so than photos of models, oddly enough. I think Mr. Slowboy could even make Spring-Heeled Jack appear winsome. We're always happy with winsome at Tweed Towers.

I assume what we would all like to see now is a nice drawing of a certain Gloucester Old Spot pig dressed in a tweed suit. Something that would fit very nicely in the masthead above.


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