Toast Just Got Sexy - Rowlett Rutland Retro Toaster

The English breakfast is without argument our greatest contribution to civilisation. The old adage goes, “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.” That's why I like to see breakfast as a three course meal. Cereals and fruit juice for starters, bacon and eggs, kippers or devilled kidneys for mains and toast and marmalade for afters. All washed down with gallons of breakfast tea.

Eat Toast Like James Bond

Ian Fleming knew the importance of such breakfast fare. James Bond seems to have a breakfast obsession and appears to live for the main on eggs and hot buttered toast in his novels, when he isn't applying his tremendous knowledge to ordering local specialities out on operations. And Bond was particular with his toast, as with everything else. The marmalade had to be Frank Cooper's Vintage Oxford (now part of Premier Foods) and the jam Tiptree little Scarlet.

Both preserves are still available today.

Toast Making with the Rowlett Regent

I'm not sure what Bond's housekeeper May would make of the Rowlett Regent toaster (above), but I'm positive Bond would have appreciated its terrific looks and first-rate toasting action in his Chelsea pad.

The History of Rowlett Toasters

Rowlett is a manufacturer of catering equipment based in Bookham, Surrey, England.

The first Rowlett commercial toaster was manufactured in 1946 by the founder of the
company, Ted Rutland, father of the company’s current MD Bob Rutland, at his Staines, Middlesex factory. Rowlett’s domestic 2-slot toaster was produced the following year. Amazingly, spares for these toasters were still being supplied until approximately 2000.

In 2002, Rowlett joined forces with R V Rutland (UK) Ltd and production was moved to its current factory in Bookham. Rowlett has seen many challenges through the years, but it has survived where others have faltered though good stewardship by the Rutland family and respect for the name and the quality it represents.

The Rowlett Regent

Your bread slices will be itching to climb inside the Rowlett Regent for a tan. The design is based on a 1970s Rowlett toasters, but with new colours and features.

The Rowlett Regent 4-slot was awarded Best British Product this year at the Home Show at Earl’s Court.

And let's re-emphasise that these toasters are hand-made in the UK. A must-have for any British home and a massive Tweed Pig thumbs-up.


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