Brooks - Saddle Envy

Brooks - A Thoroughly British Ride

I shouldn't be looking for a new saddle for my Pashley Roadster Sovereign. Having a Brooks B33 spring saddle fitted, its almost as good as new after ten years - exceptionally well made. Besides, the special-edition B15 Swallow saddles I covet in red, white and blue leather with chrome fittings (above) are racing saddles and my bike is no racer. First produced by Brooks in 1937, the Swallow is an utterly timeless British classic. Perhaps I need to buy a new bike to put one on?

Moulton Bike with Brooks Swallow Saddle

As we spread our loyalty at The Tweed Pig, let's consider a bike for the Swallow saddle from another renowned British manufacturer, Moulton.

Moulton is based in beautiful Bradford-on-Avon in Wiltshire, a stone's throw from Bath Spa.

Here we see their New Series Moulton with a Brooks Swallow saddle:

If you visit Moulton for a test ride, take a mosey over to Bradford-on-Avon's Saxon church, St Laurence's, to contemplate your imminent purchase. The Bridge Tea Rooms is worth a visit too. I recommend the rose tea.

Brooks Barbican Shoulder Bag

Brooks don't just make saddles in the UK. They make bags and accessories too, such as the Barbican bag above. The bag is tough and English, made with saddle leather in the north of England - the toughest bit.

Let's just say this isn't the kind of bag that would enter a bakery competition on TV. You could see it entering Le Mans, certainly, possibly the Fastnet too.


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