Sir Plus - Tweedy Enjoys His Cabbage

Cabbage is King

How do you turn a shirt into quality underwear? With cabbages, of course. No, I've not been at the medicine cabinet again, cabbage is the clothing industry term for the offcuts and surplus material left over from orders.

Our very dear friends at Sir Plus use such cabbage, exquisite shirting material to be precise, to create limited runs of boxer shorts.

The Story of Sir Plus

Sir Plus was founded by youthful Henry Hales after he left university. It must have been very recently, because he's only 23.

In Henry's words:

"I wanted to start a company specialising in boxer shorts. I had difficulty buying decent fabrics and was put off by intimidating volumes. To coincide with this, I spoke with shirtmaker Emma Willis, who explained that often tailors make their boxers using left over shirting.

I then started contacting factories, tailors, shirtmakers and mills and offering to buy the best surplus around. This gives me access to a wonderful variety of fabrics in great styles. I love upcycling and it's an amazing adventure."

An Adventure in Underwear

Henry took a risk and the Sir Plus brand is gaining excellent traction in a lacklustre retailing environment. Consumers appreciate the quality and the originality of his boxer shorts. Being made from 'cabbage', each style is made in limited quantities.

His style is classic with a valuable and inimitable touch of English eccentricity that attracts old and young customers. And porcine ones too. Take a look at my super-soft shorts in blue herringbone with red stripe. Mrs T's idea for the photos. Hard to look dignified when you're undressed and holding a cabbage. One suffers for one's art.

Henry's All Ears

You speak and Henry listens. As a small manufacturer he has the agility to adapt to customer demands. "I receive a number of orders for customers who require bespoke underwear. This could be because they are larger or smaller than the average size, or they want the fly sewn up."

Underwear Tips

Henry advises on what to look for in a boxer short:

"The cut must be good, otherwise it's uncomfortable and potentially hazardous!
The waistband must be either in band (encased in shirting), or a bushed cotton, which is smooth against your skin. The fabric must be 100% cotton poplin, which feels soft and washes well."

"Sir Plus ticks all these boxes, adds original colour combinations, excellent packaging and makes them in England!"

Waistcoats from Waste

Waistcoats in tweeds and cord have recently been added to the Sir Plus range. Nice pieces. The one above is blue Harris tweed with silk polka dot trim on the pockets. I think we'll need to investigate these further as the weather gets colder...


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