The Curious Case of Prep Cream

Prepped on Prep

Remember we spoke about the mysterious Prep cream, the preparation you can use after shaving? Our new Italian friends at Coswell, the people who manufacture Prep, got in touch. We have further info...

Uses for Prep

Prep cream is useful not only as an aftershave, but can also be used before shaving. A thin layer under the shaving cream helps to protect the skin from irritations. Its soothing properties are also beneficial in case of sunburn, chapped hands and mosquito bites. A good all-rounder.

Storia de Prep

According to current owners Coswell, the Prep formula was invented and manufactured in 1866 by Mark W. Allen of Michigan, Detroit. He met and befriended Italian Italo Rustico during the First World War, who becomes an importer and supplier of Prep in Italy. The Prep brand was passed to Italian company Sirena in 1935 and Prep is manufactured directly in Italy - preserving the original formula. In 2009 our friends at Coswell acquired the brand.


So now you know. A 'two pipe problem', but let's consider the case closed.


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