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Your Pub Crawl List for Bath

Have you visited Bath, England? Lovely city and close to Tweed Towers. If we're passing, we'll try and stop for an 'editorial meeting' at one of the pubs in the city.

Here's our recommended pub crawl. I'm sure you'll find a favourite out of these.

If you do them in that order, and return to the Coeur de Lion through Victoria Park, you'll have a nice little walk.

The Hop Pole - Bath Ales

Bath-based brewer Bath Ales was established in 1995 to serve drinkers in the West Country. Its beer is very popular in Bath and Bristol, the seasonal and the regular brews being uniformly excellent.

The company manages a number of pubs including The Hop Pole in Bath (all pictures). The pub is renowned for good pub food and excellent service.

I normally start with a pint of Gem and then move on to a seasonal ale. Why don't you do the same?

Tweedy's Thought: Must do a full field report on Bath soon...


  1. I enjoy the Raven too, fine ales and excellent pies to boot!- Jack Force

  2. Indeed The Raven is a very nice pub and their pies delicious. We also like the Old Green Tree on Green Street.


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