Tempestuous British Perfumery

BeauFort London is described as a 'tempestuous British perfumery'. The imagery is persuasive. We have men smoking cigars, we have beards and waxed moustaches, we have Prussian haircuts, we have spats, we have manly historical figures and nautical history — the company is named after the Beaufort Scale of wind force. Frankly, I'm in.

Yet BeauFort can't rely solely on a compelling aesthetic. As a perfume house, BeauFort has to deliver on scent, and this they have achieved with great recognition — Beaufort's Fathom V was a winner in the Independent Category at the Art and Olfaction Awards.

Fathom V is described as an aromatic green fragrance for men and women. Make of this what thou wilt: 'Salt meets earth, sparkling herbals blend with dark mosses, bright floral notes meet intense dark spices and pepper.'

The perfumes I choose have typically been tried and tested for a couple of hundred years, but I have read so many good reviews about Fathom V, we all need to try it.

Ideas have consequences
BeauFort London was established by Leo Crabtree in 2015. Pity he wasn't named Evelyn Crabtree. You might recognise Leo as the drummer for The Prodigy. I didn't. Legend has it that he couldn't find moustache wax strong enough to hold his moustache during the band's gigs. So he set up BeauFort to provide it — to himself. Ideas have consequences.

Uncompromisingly British
BeauFort's Moustache Wax Case — currently out of stock — is really quite something. The case is made from brushed aluminium and contains a refillable wax cartridge and a sailmaker's needle to eject used cartridges. Leo rejects mass production and supports British manufacturing, which gains our support. All of BeauFort's products are made in the UK. Note that the aluminium case is made in a workshop that engineer parts for motorsports.

British Revenants
BeauFort recently introduced Volume 1 of their new REVENANTS collection, an intriguing conceit where they attempt to conjure a scent based on an important British historical figure.

First up is The Iron Duke, representing the Duke of Wellington. (What's the betting Nelson comes next?) The Iron Duke is a woody and spicy fragrance for men and women, with notes of leather, tobacco, rum and gunpowder. Always useful to have the Duke on your side in any battle of the boudoir.

'Up, Guards, and at 'em!'


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